Hair Facts

We specialize in 100% Indian hair, Peruvian Hair and Malaysian hair directly from the source, this is why we are able to offer you competitive pricing and the best natural quality Remy and Non-Remy indian hair extensions on the market. We are capable of providing you with both process hair (colored, curled and relaxed), to enable you to achieve your desire look. Indian and Malaysian hair mainly comes in dark color which is their natural state, and they are not chemically altered. These hairs can be treated by your stylist to achieve your specific look. We have also been working very hard with our supplier to produce different color and texture of hair to suite your needs; these hairs will be chemically altered to achieve your specific look. All of the hair you purchase will be from the ingle drawn from the same individual, which means that the texture and color will be the uniform, therefore giving you a flawless look.

Virgin Hair

Is a person’s hair in its natural state. Which means that the hairs has never been chemically treated or alter. It’s has all of the cuticle intact, which helps prevent it from matting and tangling. However it is subject to natural flaws like split ends, gray hair and discoloration. These condition however, can be treated by a license stylist.

Treated or Colored Hair

Treated hair has been subject to a chemical process like color, relaxer, heat, and etc.. This raises the pH balance in the hair and alters the texture and color pattern. Treating or chemically altering the hair can be done, however these processes will shorten the lifespan of your hair.

We cannot guarantee chemically altered hair, therefore, if you perm, tint or bleach the hair, you do so at your own risk. Additionally, we advise you to test a few strands to see how the hair responds to the chemical treatment before comitting to complete chemical alteration