Hair Maintenance

Good maintenance is very important to the life of your hair. Providing your hair with proper maintenance enables you to get the best use out of your hair and ultimately saves you money!


Unlike your natural hair, extensions are not attached to your scalp and incapable of growth; therefore applying heat, over-processing (highlights, coloring) can shorthen the life-span of your extensions.

  • Use the minimum amount of heat necessary; this keeps your hair in its original state and gives it longevity.
  • When you sleep, wrap your hair or put it in a ponytail and use a silk wrap. You may also braid the hair if you don’t mind a wavy pattern.

These measures keep your hair from tangling and help maintain its natural state.


Wash and condition hair before each installation.  We recommend getting the hair professionally washed, however, these are tips for self-washing.

  • Wash hair in a downward motion
  • Gently massage hair between the wefts and cornrows to clean your scalp.
  • For healthier hair, and if time permits, air dry.

For washing hair before installation

  • In a large sink or extra large bowl, put a few drops of shampoo, and fill with water
  • Lightly swish wefts in the water, and massage hair in a downward motion
  • rinse, drain, then repeat with conditioner in the water.
  • Wring water out by gently squeezing and massaging from top to bottom, then lay flat to dry on a towel.

Chemically treating or coloring:

Treated hair has been subject to a chemical process like color, relaxer, heat, and etc.. This raises the pH balance in the hair and alters the texture and color pattern. Treating or chemically altering the hair can be done, however these processes will shorten the lifespan of your hair.

We cannot guarantee chemically altered hair, therefore, if you perm, tint or bleach the hair, you do so at your own risk.Additionally, we advise you to test a few strands to see how the hair responds to the chemical treatment before committing to complete chemical alteration.